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June/July 2021

Our Bethel members had a busy past month or so visiting initiations, jurisdictional visits and installations at other bethels and still found the time to celebrate and have fun together with their Bethel 23 sisters!

Bethel No.23 Northern Brisbane turned 37 years old at the beginning of June. We were treated to a wonderful Librarian’s Report in the meeting presented by Stella as she asked questions to our very own Mrs Harris, an original council member of our Bethel about what Bethel No. 23 was like 37 years ago! After the meeting there was party food, party games and a cake to enjoy for this special celebration.

Following the COVID-19 lockdown, our members got out and about together for fun, friendship and a bit of falling down! The afternoon was spent playing games, chatting and eating at a hangout then we headed to Albany Creek Skateaway. Bethel members, Bees and brothers all had a great time skating together and enjoyed a yummy party dinner. Even the Bethel Guardian had a turn at skating . . . if you could call it that!

We are looking forward to the coming month with an initiation and installation for our Bethel!

May 2021

Prior to the Miss California Celebrations via zoom started, the adults cleaned our shed that we store a lot of our gear in. We did help a little though until we found the footpath chalk!!. We also made our own pizzas for lunch in the pizza oven. Then we watched and celebrated Julianna’s term as Miss California. We all know Julianna from when we went to the United States as a group in 2019 for the annual international convention.

Submitted by Rhiannon

May 2021

When I first walked in, I was in awe of everyone’s amazing costumes which continued to surprise me throughout the night. Some of my sisters (Jobies) and I were part of the Karaoke Competition. We went up on stage 2 girls at a time. Some of the girls were extremely comfortable performing and had so much fun with it, while other girls including me, were extremely nervous. I knew that I should not be that nervous since everyone here is pretty much my family. Chermside’s performances which they had choreographed were incredible. They did such a great job. I know that every Jobie that went had a great time and I loved all of the performances. Although the night did not go as planned with a broken microphone and the stutter of music, that somehow contributed to the fabulous night everyone had.

Submitted by Taliyah

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