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November 2021

Statewide Netball Competition

On the 13th of November 2021, the Bethel #4 girls participated in the inter-bethel netball competition organised by Kirsten and Natasha. Eden’s friend, Josie, came along as well. The girls all tried their best, showed great team work, and were having fun (despite how hot it was 🥵). We won each game we played and ended up coming third overall! It was a great day with great company!!

Bethel Installation

The day after, on the 14th, Bethel #4 had their installation! The girls were all installed into new positions and Emily was installed as Honoured Queen. The term’s mascot is a turtle and the theme is to “go with the flow” as it’s important to relax and let life take its course! After the meeting, we ate delicious burritos for lunch, with ice cream and cake following. Girls and visitors from other bethels came to support us on this day; it’s always fun seeing and spending time with them! Congratulations girls of Bethel #4 on your new positions - looking forward to a great term!!

Submitted by Emily

(An Installation is a change-over celebration where each girl get to try a new position. The girl who gets to be the "Honoured Queen" becomes the leader of the local group "Bethel" for the next 6-month term - she is like the President of the group for that term.)

October 2021

Visiting Chermside for Rishanah's Majority

Rishanah’s majority was celebrated on Friday 29 October 2021 at No.2’s hall, surrounded by family and friends. Rishanah was in a beautiful dress. She was escorted around the bethel room while each position shared a special piece about Job’s Daughters and gave her a beautiful carry piece to remember her time. As a special memory, her bethel sisters and other Jobie friends told stories about times spent with Rishanah. Rishanah gave remarks about what Job’s Daughters has meant to her and how it has helped her through out the years.

After the ceremony the bethel took pictures with Rishanah and then shared supper with those that attended the meeting.

Submitted by Molly

(A Majority is a celebration that is held when a Daughter turns 20 and transitions from being an active member "Daughter" to an adult advisor.)

Grandparents day

The Grandparents Day afternoon tea on 31 October 2021 was really fun because we played games and won heaps of prizes. The games that were played were bingo and scategories. There was also a raffle and lucky door prizes.

We enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea box with snacks like devon and mashed potato, strawberries, lamingtons and bacon & cheese scrolls.

The day was celebrated with lots of grandparents and grandchildren. One way that everyone got to know all the other grandparents was that the grandchildren got to tell there favourite embarassing story about their grandparents.

Submitted by Aerin

Fishing day

The JDI Qld Fishing Day was held on the 2nd of October 2021. On the fishing day we had fish and chips then we walked on the jetty and did some fishing.

We also had a ‘Who caught the first fish?’ competition and I won. I love the beautiful fish necklace I got!

We all had a really fun day fishing with our Jobie friends.

Submitted by Pippa

September 2021

On 11th of September it was Olivia‘s reception for becoming Honoured Queen because we couldn’t go to her Installation due to Covid regulations. Bethel 23 organised a cent auction with 24 prizes and it was a lot of fun. We also had burgers and fries for dinner because that was Olivia’s favourite food. We are all so happy for her and she will do an amazing job.

On the 11th of September it was Bethany’s coronation where she was crowned Miss International Job’s Daughter. We couldn’t have the real cape and crown because they were still getting shipped, so Fran Burns made a cape the night before that looked just like the real one. It was a beautiful ceremony, Carmen Jenkinson and Vanessa Fowler caped and crowned Bethany. We are all unbelievably proud of her and she will do the best of work.

Submitted by Amelia

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