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State Adult Leaders

At the state level, the adult leaders are known as the Jurisdictional Guardian Council.  This is the adult advisory group that helps to lead Job’s Daughters across the state of Queensland.  The Jurisdictional Guardian Council (JGC) provides leadership training opportunities, conducts and audit of each local Bethel to ensure they are working effectively to serve their Daughters (members), and assists in planning State activities.  The Officers of the JGC are elected or appointed from adult volunteers around Queensland.  Our state adult leaders are:

Ruth Gilfoyle - Jurisdictional Guardian --

Ian Milne - Associate Jurisdictional Guardian --

Sam Anstee - Vice Jurisdictional Guardian --

Ross Kirk - Vice Associate Jurisdictional Guardian --

Michelle Rowlings - Jurisdictional Secretary --

Kym Drummond - Jurisdictional Treasurer --

Local Adult Leaders

Each local group also has an advisory board which is known as the Bethel Guardian Council.  This advisory group is made up of adults, parents, and Job's Daughter Alumni who assist the members at the local level.  These parents and adults guide them through the processes of event planning, promotion, finances and help give them the tools to become strong, successful leaders.

Adult Leaders

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