Past Miss Queensland Job's Daughters

2018   Harshita Chhotu

2017   Kirsten Burns

2016   Rishanah Heaps

2015   Taila Gouge

2014   Rebecca Harradine

2013   Natasha Turpin

2012   Bailey Millard

2011   Amy Reeves

2010  Vanessa Castillo 

2009  Krystal Cope 

2008  Keira Johnson

2007  Carita Nelson 

2006  Lauren Harper  

2005  Reanna Nelson

2004  Melissa Bradshaw 

2003   Pauline Pearse 

2002   Erin Milne 

2001   Karina Griffiths 

2000  Rebecca Ross 

1999   Carmen Wilson 

1998   Sonya Gray PHQ

1997   Kirstie Fleming 

1996   Marie Odile-Pouzet                                      Richel Wallace (appointed)

1995   Taryn Wilson 

1994   Renae Kirk 

1993   Anneliese Bright 



1992   Samantha Biles

1991   Kerrie Duckwitz 

1990   Tracey Dann 

1989   Genevieve Johns

1989   Janine Cooper 

1988   Natasha Emsden 

1987   Fran Jensen 

1986   Sharon Young 

1985   Vanessa Dickie 

1984   Bronwyn Fursey

1983   Lynne Victorsen 

1982   Belinda Hayes

1981    Robyn Syme 

1980   Dianne Inglis





Queensland Past Miss International  


Miss International Job's Daughter

Winner of the Miss International Congeniality Award

Taila Gouge PHQ PMQJD


Winner of the Miss International Congeniality Award

Keira Johnson PHQ PMQJD



Miss International Job's Daughter

Carmen Wilson PHQ PMQJD



Miss International Congeniality Job's Daughter

Richel Wallace PHQ



Miss International Congeniality Job's Daughter

Tracey Tipler PHQ PGBHQ



Miss International Job's Daughter

Vanessa Dickie PHQ PMQJD PGG PSG



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