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Saturday May 29, 2021 – 1920’s themed 100th Anniversary & Karaoke Night

May 2021

When I first walked in, I was in awe of everyone’s amazing costumes which continued to surprise me throughout the night. Some of my sisters (Jobies) and I were part of the Karaoke Competition. We went up on stage 2 girls at a time. Some of the girls were extremely comfortable performing and had so much fun with it, while other girls including me, were extremely nervous. I knew that I should not be that nervous since everyone here is pretty much my family. Chermside’s performances which they had choreographed were incredible. They did such a great job. I know that every Jobie that went had a great time and I loved all of the performances. Although the night did not go as planned with a broken microphone and the stutter of music, that somehow contributed to the fabulous night everyone had.

Submitted by Taliyah


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