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September visiting Northern Brisbane

September 2021

On 11th of September it was Olivia‘s reception for becoming Honoured Queen because we couldn’t go to her Installation due to Covid regulations. Bethel 23 organised a cent auction with 24 prizes and it was a lot of fun. We also had burgers and fries for dinner because that was Olivia’s favourite food. We are all so happy for her and she will do an amazing job.

On the 11th of September it was Bethany’s coronation where she was crowned Miss International Job’s Daughter. We couldn’t have the real cape and crown because they were still getting shipped, so Fran Burns made a cape the night before that looked just like the real one. It was a beautiful ceremony, Carmen Jenkinson and Vanessa Fowler caped and crowned Bethany. We are all unbelievably proud of her and she will do the best of work.

Submitted by Amelia


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