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Chermside ~ Keeping it Colourful

December 2021

Colour Fun Run

On the 12th of December, the Bethel #2 girls attended the Colour Fun Run. We also invited our friend Laura to run with us. This event was held by our state leaders to raise funds for The Dementia Foundation. When we arrived there were jumping castles, snow cones and lots of lollies to snack on before the run! Bethel #2 were the first to run. There was inflatable pools set up as obstacles which contained sponges, balls, and a cargo net that we had to crawl under. We ran laps around the field and got cups of colourful powder thrown at us by the other Jobie sisters and adults, after each inflatable pool we went in. This left a nice colourful stained t shirt! Afterwards we helped throw powder at our other Jobie sisters and adults from different Bethels- it was very fun!

Submitted by Betty


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