Welcome Ceremonies are always exciting as we get to welcome a new girl into our beautiful organisation. This month we welcomed Danielle who joined our Moreton Bay group. The wonderful ceremony was followed by a fantastic afternoon tea with pastry’s, cookies, and many more amazing snacks. We know that Danielle will have an amazing time at Moreton Bay and she will be an amazing member!

Written by Georgia

Last night was the final Installation of my 18 month term as Jurisdictional Guardian. The girls of today are a fantastic bunch of young ladies who have lead & will lead their Bethel with great honour & confidence. I am so proud of each & every one them.

Submitted by Michelle (retiring) Jurisdictional Guardian

On 25th of June, Phoebe Mantilla and the officers of our Chermside group were installed into their new positions. Phoebe was installed as Honoured Queen, the chairperson of this local group, and her term theme was the PowerPuff Girls. After the installation Phoebe’s family cooked a yummy dinner for us all. Written by Molly

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