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A few weeks ago, our Bethel went to the splash water park at Chermside for our Bethel breakup. It was a great hot sunny day to be at a water park!!

The people who were there was the Anthea’s family, Kym and Grace, Lucy’s family, Damia, Rhiannon and Ruth, Michelle, Taliyah & Oriana’s family, Sienna, Sarah, Carmen, Sean and me.

The things we did at splash were all really fun, we swam in the pools and went on all the fun water slides.

We brought our own lunch of chicken bread rolls which were really good.

Michelle had also taken a lot of really funny photos throughout the day and after had put some of them together to make it look like people were doing all sorts of things such as swinging from a vine. Was really fun.

It was such a great day!

Written by Amelia

Member of Bethel #24 Moreton Bay

On the 3rd of September, a 50s themed celebration was held for the ending of Michelle’s Jurisdictional Guardian Term. There was a variety of activities and other 50s themed items such as a popcorn and slushie machines, ice cream, lollies and an amazing jukebox which had everyone up on their feet dancing and singing with everyone all night. There were lots of fun activities during the night such as the three popular 50s dances we learned, which were the Bunny Hop, the Hand Jive and the Stroll. These dances were lead by Ms Loadsman. A game of limbo was held as well which was such a fun time and it was nice to watch everyone join in. Most of the girls sang their hearts out with the karaoke. Hotdog and chips were served for dinner and towards the end of the night the girls enjoyed singing and dancing with the adults. I had a magnificent time and enjoyed celebrating the conclusion of Michelle’s wonderful term.

Submitted by Alyssa A. from Bethel Number 2, Chermside

Welcome Ceremonies are always exciting as we get to welcome a new girl into our beautiful organisation. This month we welcomed Danielle who joined our Moreton Bay group. The wonderful ceremony was followed by a fantastic afternoon tea with pastry’s, cookies, and many more amazing snacks. We know that Danielle will have an amazing time at Moreton Bay and she will be an amazing member!

Written by Georgia

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