Bethel Number 4 has been having fun but there have been some not so good things because of COVID-19.

The highlight of the past 2 months was when we welcomed a new member Athena one of our Bees. We had some of our sisters from other bethels come to help out. Thanks to Damia, Rhianon, Amelia and Grace from Moreton Bay and Olivia from Northern Brisbane.

We have held 3 meetings where masks had to be worn and the lockdown caused our Ice Skating Day to be postponed !!!

Our Jurisdictional Guardian Michelle came for her visit along with the Vice, Sarah, Miss Queensland, Junior Miss and Miss Charity. Michelle filmed us singing the National Anthem for use at Supreme Session. Michelle also presented our Supreme Deputy Fran with a bunch of flowers as thanks for continuing as Supreme Deputy and announced that $100 had been donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service in her name.

In other news, we have been doing some hard-earned fund raising with 3 successful caterings, our SP Emily was proud to tell us she had got her Provisional licence, and a world record touched our bethel - Fran was part of a world record number of people doing the "NUTBUSH" at the Big Red Bash near Birdsville.

And for the end of the month - Sleep Over Night!!! Coach made some great popcorn to eat while we watched a video.

It has just been FUN, FUN, FUN for Bethel 4. Stay safe every one.

Submitted by the girls of Bethel 4

Congratulations to Bethel Number 2 Chermside! The ceremony was beautifully performed by our Chermside members as they took on new positions, with new stations and duties. It will be Betty’s last term as Bethel leader of our Chermside group, but we wish her an amazing final term with lots of fun!! A delightful supper followed the changeover ceremony and what's a celebrates without cake?! Its always a blast visiting the bethels of Queensland but especially celebrating with our friends from Bethel Number 2 Chermside!

Submitted by Olivia

What a night!! The youth leaders of Job’s Daughter’s Queensland held a charity movie screening to raise funds for this term's charity, Dementia. The leaders beautifully decorated the hall in coloured lights and inflatable pools for our members and friends to enjoy. Hanging out with their friends, the junior Job’s Daughters and Jobie-to-Bees brought their fluffiest blankets and comfiest pillows, and enjoyed a chill-night-in watching Raya and the last dragon! Of course we just had to have popcorn, lollies and hot dogs! It wouldn’t be a proper movie night without them! A fun movie and a great night for the Juniors and Bees.

Submitted by Olivia.

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