Our Youth Leaders



Jurisdictional Queen


Jurisdictional Bethel is the representative Bethel for Queensland and presides at our State activities. These young ladies work together and build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!  

Honoured Queen

The presiding officer of the Bethel is the Honoured Queen, elected by the members of her Bethel. This position is roughly analogous to Worshipful Master in a Masonic Lodge, and to the President of an association of any kind.


The Honored Queen leads her Bethel for a six month term organising and running social and charity events for the group. She also runs business meetings twice a month. The Honored Queen is assisted in her duties by a Senior Princess and a Junior Princess.

The vice presidents. 

Miss Queensland
Job's Daughter


Miss Queensland Job’s Daughter is the public representative for Job’s Daughters in Queensland. She attends community meetings, events and charity events.                  


She also works with local Bethels to assist in promoting Job’s Daughters in their community at fun projects and fundraisers.