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Merry Christmas from Northern Brisbane

Dear Santa, 


Bethel 23 Northern Brisbane has been really good this month! 


We’ve had many Jobie activities!


We held our annual Christmas meeting, and we decorated gingerbread cookies and shared some Christmas cheer through secret Santa presents. Georgia’s friend Grace came along too!


Aerin held her senior princess fundraiser at Bunnings. It was Christmas bake sale (Santa you would Iove the date loaf).


We had our Christmas catering at Melaleuca Grove retirement village and Georgia, Olivia, Aerin, and Molly served the 3 course Christmas meal to the residence at the retirement village. But it wouldn’t have been possible without our adult cooks, Beth, David, Gayle, Peter and Natalie. 


The annual JGC swimming carnival was held, bethel 23 girls, Olivia, Miabelle, Georgia, Jasmine, Stella, and Sienna competed in many races including freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. We may not all be swimmers, but we certainly tried! One of the greatest moments was that we made a new friend Maite who is a Jobie to bee. We competed in lots of novelty races including the reindeer races (Rudolf would have been proud!). We completed the swimming carnival with war cry’s, everyone’s went to the tune of jingle bells! Everyone got in the pool and gave it ago at the swimming carnival it was soo much fun! 


After the swimming carnival we had the JGC Christmas party where we continued with some novelty events and had fun with some free swimming in the pool! 


Olivia held a promotional fundraiser at the Lawnton twilight markets. Our youngest Jobies made fantastic elves, Miabelle, Madison, and Sienna. They were all there promoting Jobs daughters and fundraising for the educational and promotion fund. 


We had so much fun this month and we were all very good! 


We promise we will continue to be good for all of next year. 


All we ask for Christmas is some new members, sisters who can share in our fun! 


From Bethel 23 Northern Brisbane!


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