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Jurisdictional Scavenger Hunt at Chermside

Over the school holidays, JDI went to the Chermside Shopping Centre for a themed Scavenger Hunt.

Moreton Bay local group had a KFC theme and the girls dressed as chickens; except for Damia who dressed as Colonel Sanders. We left a trail of feathers everywhere we went and a few chicks lost their feet.

We had to find lots of purple things. We also had to find particular stores and count lots of things too, like the number of ATMs on the first floor or the number of USB ports in the food court. Apparently, we weren’t too good at counting…..

After the Scavenger Hunt we had KFC and McDonalds for lunch. Yum! We then enjoyed a bit of retail therapy to finish off the day. It was a fun filled day and everyone went home happy, tired, tummies a little fuller and wallets a little lighter

Written by Anthea


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