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Making a Splash

A few weeks ago, our Bethel went to the splash water park at Chermside for our Bethel breakup. It was a great hot sunny day to be at a water park!!

The people who were there was the Anthea’s family, Kym and Grace, Lucy’s family, Damia, Rhiannon and Ruth, Michelle, Taliyah & Oriana’s family, Sienna, Sarah, Carmen, Sean and me.

The things we did at splash were all really fun, we swam in the pools and went on all the fun water slides.

We brought our own lunch of chicken bread rolls which were really good.

Michelle had also taken a lot of really funny photos throughout the day and after had put some of them together to make it look like people were doing all sorts of things such as swinging from a vine. Was really fun.

It was such a great day!

Written by Amelia

Member of Bethel #24 Moreton Bay


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