Wed, 01 June



Ritual Revision - Ceremony of Initiation

Have your say on revisions to the Ceremony of Initiation.

Ritual Revision - Ceremony of Initiation

Time & Location

01 June, 3:00 pm


About the event

Revision of the Ritual continues.  The SGC are breaking this next Section of feedback up into 3 parts for Initiation. For now, please focus on Pages 83-94, the Beginning - end of 1st Epoch. Feedback is due May 31st (3pm on 1st June 2022 - Australia time).  Submit your ideas for changes to the Ceremony of Initiation here.

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Statement of Commitment
The Jurisdictional Guardian Council of Queensland, Job’s Daughters International (Job’s Daughters Queensland) is committed to ensure:
• The safety and well-being of all children and young people involved in the activities of Job’s Daughters Queensland;
• Job’s Daughters Queensland has ZERO tolerance against child harm in any form;
• Job’s Daughters Queensland follows and adheres to the 10 National Principles for Child Safe Organisations;
• Job’s Daughters Queensland provides an open and welcoming environment which is friendly for children and young people; and
• That these services will be continually improved to maintain the highest possible standard.

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