Miss Queensland 2018-2019

Bethany PHQ


The Miss Queensland Job’s Daughter is chosen among those that enter the competition in September of each year. 


Through competitions in etiquette, ritual knowledge, speech presentation, and personal interviews during the day and then a stage presentation and answering that famous final question…the Miss Job’s Daughter is Bethany!




Junior Miss Queensland 2019 - 2020


Through competitions in etiquette, ritual and written knowledge, speech presentation, and personal interviews during the day and then a stage presentation the 

Junior Miss Qld Job’s Daughter is selected.

 Miss Charity Job's Daughter 2019 - 2020


Miss Charity is awarded to the Entrant who raises the most money for charity in a set time frame. She is then appointed and encouraged to support and assist in raising money for the JGC term charity. Aerin will be helping to support community projects for the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Clean Up Australia Day. She will also fundraise for the Allison Bayden-Clay Foundation.

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